4 landscaping design tips for the beginners

by Melissa Williams
4 landscaping design tips for the beginners

You will be surprised to see the choices you have in landscaping. For a beginner, these options may seem overwhelming, but you need to have some general idea about landscaping before you can start your landscaping project. Here are some tips for the beginners.

1. You should make a list of your needs and wants. Write down whether your kids need a play space, you want to grow vegetables or whether you want to patio. Do a rough sketch of your yard with the thoughts where you want to place the things.

2. You should study the wind and sun patterns. For example, if you want to place a patio on the west side of the house, there will be lots of afternoon sun. In your design, you should take into account the various times of the day and year.

3. You should start small. You should slowly develop a plant and enjoy the process. You should start with a small flowerbed first.  Then you fill the rest up slowly. You should give yourself some time to see how things develop.

4. You should have a focal point, and slowly you should walk around it. You can include a beautiful plant or a sculpture. You should draw your eye and move it through the landscape.

You can do your research to come up with some outstanding landscaping ideas. There are many sites dedicated to landscape designing. You can get ideas from there. Read some books or blogs to learn about the basic landscaping techniques.