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What are the essential tools you need for a landscaping project?

by Melissa Williams
What are the essential tools you need for a landscaping project?

You must have the right tools to make the difference. The right tools can help you get the work done quickly. The latest equipment gives a new level of expertise that was not possible earlier. Here are the essential tools you need for a landscaping project.

1. Gloves

img14Though gardening is a great hobby, you can easily turn it into a mess without wearing a pair of gloves. You should keep these gloves away from water, insects, and too much sun.

2. Hand Trowel

img13These tools are very useful for planting herbs. You can quickly dig around the corner and take out weeds using this tool. Try to get a trowel having stainless steel head. It will ensure the durability and longevity of the trowel.

3. Spade

img12Spade is a short-handled square shovel that helps to dig holes for plants and moving small mounds of dirt from one place to another. You should grab a spade with a strong steelhead and a thick fiberglass handle.

4. Rake

img11An inexpensive plastic rake can be very handy. When leaves and debris falls, you can take them out of the way using a rake. This tool is very useful in keeping your garden clean.

5. Long hose with adjustable nozzle and rain wand

img10Water is the foundation of the life of your garden. You must have a hose to spray every area. The adjustable nozzle puts you in control of the water pressure.

All these tools are very handy and will help you in your landscaping project. These tools are so essential that you won’t be able to work without these. You should buy good quality tools from a DIY or hardware store.

4 landscaping design tips for the beginners

by Melissa Williams
4 landscaping design tips for the beginners

You will be surprised to see the choices you have in landscaping. For a beginner, these options may seem overwhelming, but you need to have some general idea about landscaping before you can start your landscaping project. Here are some tips for the beginners.

1. You should make a list of your needs and wants. Write down whether your kids need a play space, you want to grow vegetables or whether you want to patio. Do a rough sketch of your yard with the thoughts where you want to place the things.

2. You should study the wind and sun patterns. For example, if you want to place a patio on the west side of the house, there will be lots of afternoon sun. In your design, you should take into account the various times of the day and year.

3. You should start small. You should slowly develop a plant and enjoy the process. You should start with a small flowerbed first.  Then you fill the rest up slowly. You should give yourself some time to see how things develop.

4. You should have a focal point, and slowly you should walk around it. You can include a beautiful plant or a sculpture. You should draw your eye and move it through the landscape.

You can do your research to come up with some outstanding landscaping ideas. There are many sites dedicated to landscape designing. You can get ideas from there. Read some books or blogs to learn about the basic landscaping techniques.

5 awesome landscaping ideas to transform your lawn

by Melissa Williams
5 awesome landscaping ideas to transform your lawn

Simple landscaping can transform your yard. These projects need not be expensive; even some small changes will change the entire look of your house. Here are some suggestions to assist you to plan your landscaping project.

1. Decks

img2Decks are often the main attraction of a backyard. It connects the house to the yard. People gather here for relaxing and having some food and beverages. If you already have a deck, then it’s time to give it a nice makeover. You can add a layer of paint. Choose a color that will make the deck pop.

2. Walkways

img3Walkways can define the space in your yard. These walkways can provide normal flow to your outdoor space. It takes some time and commitment to complete the project. A well-executed walkway will make your yard stand out. You can use crushed rock instead of brick in the walkway.

3. Fences

img4Fences go along well with walkways. You can create some great fences to add some flair to the year. If you have a pool, you will need these fences for safety needs. You can add a chalkboard to the fence so that your kids can draw and have some fun time. You can also add mirrors.

4. Plants

img5Almost every yard has bushes and shrubs. You can apply some urban design techniques to make them look different. Plants change the eyeliner of guests because bushes and shrubs are accompanied by something different.

5. Lights

img6Lighting helps to enhance the mood of the place and improves safety. Adding lights in certain parts of your yard can make a difference.

Using these simple techniques, you can change the look of your yard. Your family and friends would love to come here and spend some time.